Judit Rodriguez
Professional Photographer  

I’m a Barcelona-based photographer deeply engaged in the depiction of human expression and body movement.
What fascinates me the most is to be able to capture in every image the real essence of each individual. capturing the unique movement that their soul expresses through their body.
I have a degree in Arts Specialized in Photography by the Tower Hamlet College in London and I have studied Post-Production in Grisart Media School in Barcelona and a specialization in performing arts photography in Institut d’ estudis Fotografics de Catalunya.
In my personal interest is also the inverstigation of human nature and I travel around the world for the realization of my personal projects about life and death through a humanistic perspective having my work exhibited in Museu d’ Arqueologia de Catalunya and Universidad de Aguas Calientes de México.
In my extended line of work I help corporations and private enterprises creating images that express their corporate identitity and placement of their products in the market.